Our Company was founded to meet the specific requirements that the Arab world makes in the field of Spanish sports. It is known that Spanish sports is amongst the world’s elite in a multitude of facets and many international athletes attend the training and education centres in our country. This, along with a mild climate, a complete tourist infrastructure and services and as well a very favourable cost-benefit is what makes Spain and, in particular, Granada an ideal destination.

In order to achieve an adequate response to all athletes needs, HACE SPORTS counts on the responsibility, work, professionalism and direct involvement of our team. This management philosophy extends also to our suppliers and partners, who, from the very beginning (years ago) have been committed with effort beyond their responsibilities to fulfil their functions and this is what allow us to deliver high quality services.

Meet  the team behind Hace Sports:

lamyLamy Lmtiue Lmtiue (Executive Director and FIFA licensed match Agent) Former psychologist, University Expert in Mediation, Master in Mediation (Granada University) and Sports Director and Scouting.

Lamy has always been an eager and curious person, which pushed herself to travel throughout different countries, not solely to master other languages such as French, Spanish, Arabic and English, but also to get in touch with many sides of the business world. Her conciliatory character, combined with an extraordinary capacity for interpersonal relationships, ease the task of taking your company's project to fruition. She has proven it throughout her professional life in multiple positions of high responsibility.



doctorJose F.Vargas Gonzalez, Doctor degree in medicine and surgery at Granada University with PhD. Specialized in internal medicine and Pulmonology (M.I.R. system). Researcher for the pharmaceutical industry.

This background, his problem-solving capacities, and his entrepreneurial spirit have motivated him to consolidate many business experiences abroad.

All of above, his skills, his human qualities and his interest in the world of sports have turned him into a key piece on general care and coaching for our athletes.

Our efforts wouldn’t have paid off without the support and care from our team formed by highly qualified technicians in the world of sports.

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