Our physicians are board-certified in Sports Medicine and Traumatology for all ages. They are professionals with great experience in the monitoring and treatment of young athletes, all in prestigious Spanish entities. Our specialists are continuously trained and participate in world-class research projects. This, along with the techniques of diagnosis and treatment of the latest generation and in constant renewal, allows us to offer the best service in general in sports medicine. These services will be available to our teams and selections, during your stay with us. And, for your complete safety, we also manage insurance designed to suit your needs.

Basic health examination, in order to rule out contraindications for the practice of sports and certify the physical fitness of the athlete. It is a basic sports review. The complexity of the examination will be according to the rules of the General Secretariat of Sport in Spain.

Rehabilitative treatment complete, in 50% of cases, the assistance for the pathology of the locomotive system. Some of these patients require readjustments after a injury, in gym training or outdoors, guided by specific professionals.

This service is designed for athletes who need a family doctor who carry the agenda of their health needs and seek aas well recommend the best professionals to resolve issues that may arise throughout the season.

Each discipline has its peculiarities, and with them different types of injuries that can become chronic. The specialization of our professionals allows to develop a prevention program to measure and thus delay the onset of these adverse effects, in order to prolong to the maximum the sporting career of the athlete optimizing performance and health.

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