Camp site: it is located in the emblematic city of Granada, in the Campus Soccer Club.

Duration: usually ranges between 2 and 3 weeks, but it is posible to choose a longer stay according to the desired objectives.

Participants: all our camps address to the segment of age between 12 and 18 years. Categories are set according to the age.

The camps are designed for: we welcome all sports levels, from amateur to aspiring professional in any kind of sport (individual or clubs)

All will improve their technique and skills level in our Technification Academy, where a multidisciplinary team has developed a unique and proven methodology.

Along with physical training, technical improvement of specific sports skills and participation in competitions, we organize various cultural activities, entertainment and leisure management.

From the reception at the airport to the accommodation in hotels and residences participants are accompanied throughout their stay by educational and sports technicians qualified in order to ensure their well-being and help them in any kind of situations that may arise.

In addition to improve and evolve in techniques and sports skills, participants will permeate from educational values such as coexistence, intercultural relations, sportsmanship, tolerance and independence.

We have developed all the activities of the camp with specialized and highly qualified professionals (coaches, trainers, psychologists, physicians, and sports technicians). In order to ensure the proposed objectives.

We organize summer camps in various individual and collective sports: football, basketball, swimming, tennis, martial arts...

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